(EngSub)駆逐艦ディスプレイケース2種類ご紹介!_Introduction of display case for destroyer model




☆投稿者:Plastic Models老眼戦士コロナゴ

☆公開日:2018-01-14 13:38:36




・Let’s build model,plastic models
・This time, we will introduce two kinds of model cases released in Japan.
・It is perfect for 1/700 destroyer.


★BGM:白木とネコのひげ 様より引用させていただいております。

I am a 45-year-old model lover who is a salaried worker in Japan.
This channel is a hobby channel centered on such a plastic model.
Recently, we have produced tank models and focusing on trial and error making.
There are a lot of poor works, but I hope if you can watch it if it is okay.
In addition, sometimes movies other than models and videos of your wife are uploaded.

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